Ecologic Brands is dedicated to creating a more sustainable world through better packaging choices.

Let’s face it, much of today’s packaging is not recycled and piles up in landfills. In fact, 71% of today’s plastic milk and laundry bottles are sent to landfill where they sit for centuries.

Ecologic believes mountains of recycled material can be put to good use and plastic can be minimized.

We design and manufacture our bottles from the ground up, starting with what’s better for the earth. Our outer shells are made from recycled cardboard and old newspapers, and can be recycled again and again. Our inner pouches use minimal plastic. The spots and flecks on our molded fiber shells are there because we use 100% recycled materials. We like to say each bottle has its own personality.

Change is possible.

By choosing Ecologic, our brand partners get an innovative green packaging solution. Consumers get a durable, easy-to-use bottle with a lot of personality. We invite you to join us on our journey.


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