The molded fiber shell is made from 70% Old Corrugated Cardboard boxes (OCC) and 30% Old Newspapers (ONP). The inner liner and is made from #2 or #4 plastic, or bioplastics.

No. Our bottles do not contain BPA.

Ecologic Brands is committed to making compostable packaging the earth can live with. Paper products like cardboard can be recycled up to seven more times which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants, saves energy, and conserves natural resources.

Recycled means the container is made from recycled materials such as cardboard or newspapers. Recyclable means the container can be recycled again. The Ecologic container is both recycled and recyclable – the best of both worlds.

Yes. Our bottles are designed to function just like traditional plastic bottles but with less plastic. We carefully designed the outer shell with a solid, comfortable grip and an excellent pour. Our dosing cap works just like the dosing caps that come on plastic laundry bottles.

  1. Pop it open  When the bottle is empty, use your thumbs to pop open the side of the outer shell along the seam. The outer shell can be recycled with paper and cardboard in curbside and drop-off recycling programs.
  2. Take the two pieces apart.  Remove the pouch from inside the molded fiber shell. Rinse the pouch and allow it to dry. The inner pouch and spout are #4 LDPE plastic and can be recycled with plastic grocery bags at local retailers’ bins.
  3. Recycle it!  The dosing cap is #5 PP plastic. Recycling for this type of plastic is not yet widespread, so check with your local recycling center to see if they accept #5 plastics. Also look for Preserve Gimme 5 bins, which accept #5 plastics, and are available at most Whole Foods Markets. Preserve makes great new products from recycled #5 plastic. For more information on the Preserve Gimme 5 program, visit http://www.preserveproducts.com/recycling/gimme5.html. If #5 recycling is not available in your area, the cap may be disposed of in your regular garbage bin.

Yes, the outer shell is compostable. Composting is a natural process that turns organic materials (like food scraps, lawn trimmings and our outer shell!) into a rich fertilizer for plants and landscaping. We had the shell tested at Soil Control Labs, who verified that the shell is 100% organic bio-based material per ASTM D6868 standards that will disintegrate within 12 weeks in an industrial compost setting.

The outer shell is made from cardboard and paper and can be recycled again into other fiber products up to seven more times.  Because paper is the most widely recycled material in America, we encourage you to help save trees by recycling the shell vs. composting it.  The shell can be recycled along with your paper and cardboard whether it’s curbside service or dropped off at a local recycling center.

Just like egg cartons, our outer shells may have small spots or flecks on them because they are made from 100% recycled materials. We like to say that each shell has its own unique personality.

Yes, drops of detergent will discolor the shell. However, drops and leaks will not affect the integrity of the shell. Unlike plastic, the drops are absorbed by the shell, preventing sticky and tacky leaks on your bottle and countertop. You will find this to be a nice advantage that will help keep your fingertips and countertops free and clear of sticky residue.

Made from natural fibers, the Ecologic shell is sturdy and strong but not impervious to cosmetic damage if dropped or crushed. As long as the pouch is not leaking, you can continue to use your detergent bottle without a problem. If the side seam splits open, you can reconnect the sides of the shell by pulling the plastic ring at the top up to re-orient it, and then snapping the ring back down into place. Your bottle will look as good as new. In a pinch, a rubber band around the bottle’s neck will also work!

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